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All the software in this page is without any ad nor annoying donate popup. Just plain clean freeware, natively in English & French.

  VLC Playlist Manager  

Ever wanted to binge watch seasons of a TV show over multiple sessions/days in VLC? Then you know it's not an easy task, as VLC cannot resume a playlist...

Until now! VLC Playlist Manager is a third party program that takes care of resuming playlists in VLC! Read the howto here.

  sekura generator  

The word "sekura" means a safe in Esperanto.

The sekura generator is a self-contained 100% pure html web app that generates unique, strong, random passwords for your personal usage.

All the operations are done on client side (on your PC) with JavaScript. No data is ever transmitted via the network, everything is local. You can audit sekura generator code directly in the browser.


new: v1.0 now supports x86 and x64 operating systems
Four simple utilities to create, convert, and check certificates (Java KeyStore) used to sign Android applications (APKs).

Completely standalone executables: no Java, .Net nor any framework needed!

The JKS converter to PEM + PKCS8 (JKS2PEM+PK8.exe) is needed by the Android BASIC! Compiler if you want to sign your APKs with a custom certificate, see the Howto.

AliExpress Orders

This is a small executable that allows you to create an offline, searchable, responsive web table of your AliExpress purchases.

Here's mine as an example.

The source code is open and available here.

  program cloner

A fun utility to create clones of any running program on screen, program cloner allows to save the clone as a lightweight standalone executable and distribute it (or replace it on a colleague's unsupervised computer).

The cloned program is the exact same look as the original program: on screen, in the taskbar, when pressing Alt+Tab, including dialog caption (title) and icon, but it is completely dummy: only thing you can do with it is move it, minimize it in the taskbar or close it.


XDMgr stands for eXe Data Manager.
Some of my programs offered on this page have a feature that allows to replicate themselves and pack some data inside the copy: when the copy is run it can detect the presence of such data and act differently from the original program.

Current programs making use of eXe Data are:
nimoworld and program cloner, but I want to add more :)

XDMgr allows you to access, change (add or remove) the data packed in these executables (or any Windows exe for that matter).


A lot of of my programs save their position, size, settings (language etc.) in special files located in the %LocalAppData% system folder.

CustoMgr allows you to view and edit these files, or even erase completely the config file.
This can be useful when a widget (such as nimoclock, nimoworld etc.) is out of screen or does not repond...

  HKM OneNote add-on

Hot Key Manager (HKM) is an add-on for Microsoft OneNote that brings:
- a Date Picker (Ctrl+D) which output format is highly configurable: weekday, day, month, week number...
- and a Contact Book when you press the @ key
   (similar to what happens in Outlook)

It also integrates the upper-case accented characters (Ctrl+M) proposed in standalone herebelow.


Translater is a powerful Windows utility relying on Python 3 allowing to translate highlighted text from any language to a target language of your choice (default = English) by simply hitting Ctrl+Alt+T.
Translater can show the result in a custom toast message, in a popup dialog, or (the most convenient) replace the highlighted text with the translation (pasted as text).

iCalendar Generator

Very simple utility to generate iCalendar (.ical) based on yearly dates like national holidays, Christian holidays (based on Easter), birthdays...
Comes with a standard (modifiable) script including a howto.
The resulting .ical can be imported in Outlook and other calendar programs.

Folder Icon Autoset

Folder Icon Autoset is a powerful Windows utility allowing to customize folders with icons.
It scans recursively (at a depth of your choice) for the first icon it encounters in each subfolder, then it makes a list that you can tune (omit some folders). If subfolders are already customized with an icon, you can also un-customize them.
Then click the "AUTOSET ICONS" button to customize the folders by batch!


Very simple utility that sits in the task bar and awakes when you hit Ctrl+M you then type an accented character ('é', 'ç', etc.) in any window and it will print the upper-case equivalent.


MaNo is the Markdown Notepad: it is a lean editor for the Markdown language, it generates html and provides performance tools: progress indicator, check duplicate headers, fill empty links, fix incorrect links, etc.
MaNo handles zoom-in/zoom-out, Ctrl+Click to navigate among links, full Markdown controls insert capabilities, and it offers a comprehensive manual + tutorial.

MaNo is GNU GPL V3 open-source software, code available at GitHub. You can download a "light" portable version ; or a full installer (with syntax highlighting support):

  LAN Scanner

LAN Scanner is a free utility that scans your local network by sending ARP packets and waits response to identify the devices that offer a service on a certain TCP-IP port.
LAN Scanner can even detect devices behind a firewall, but it only allows to reach local devices (the ARP packets do not go beyond your router).
After a scan, you can double-click the list to dump it into Notepad. Or click a column header to sort it.
LAN Scanner is particularly fast: it is based on threads, and can scan a range of 256 addresses (e.g. 192.168.0.* ) in less than 1s.

E3: Easy Exe Edit

A very simple utility to replace one or several occurences of hexadecimal characters or of an ASCII string in the file of your choice (backup option available).
Ideal to patch executables or to hack resource files.


The famous desktop clock widget with deep appearance configuration. Already 10,000+ downloads, thanks to all!


The perfect companion to nimoclock when you have friends or family living in another part of the world. It allows you to have an additional clock widget on your desktop, that takes into account the time difference, and that you can personalize with a picture of your loved ones.


sekura (Esperanto for "a safe") is a PHP+SQL solution to generate strong passwords for your websites (amazon, eBay, etc.) and store them very safely. All the cryptographic routines are done on client side (on your PC) with JavaScript, no clear data is ever transmitted or stored on the server, any "man in the middle" attack is useless. Also, in opposition to all the big commercial websites, your master password is never stored on any server, nor even locally! With sekura algorithm, there is no way to test the validity of your password against the original one, in other words the decrypted data is never tested for correctness. A hacker can't use brute force to decrypt your data, since all and any password will produce a "valid" result (no error will be thrown, just the data will not be readable by a human... but a machine has no way to know). sekura is open source software and can be audited by anyone.

  Wireless Android Framework

WAF (Wireless Android Framework) is a versatile command line tool that allows you to access your Android device and perform requests on it: list install or launch apps, push or pull files, and much more. It is very similar to ADB (Android Debug Bridge) but uses WiFi instead: no setup at all, no USB debugging mode necessary, no phone root needed, no USB cable.

window restorer

This tool allows to restore the size and position of selected programs with a simple click on its systray icon. It makes it very useful for a laptop user to switch from remote usage in mono-screen to a dual screen configuration at his desk.


ListMissing.exe is a command-line utility that finds the missing elements in one or more sequence(s) of files. It can produce colored output in the command-shell, or HTML output used with the -h option. It can also list all sequences (including complete ones) with the -a option.
ListMissing.exe needs that all sequential files are in the same folder. If your collections are in different subfolders, you can first use my other utility: MASCH.


DummyClone.exe is a command-line utility that clones a folder with dummy files. It can be used to replicate the file-system from a source folder but without taking any drive space (all cloned files are 0 kB).

ImageMagick Scripter

ImageMagick Scripter is an assistant + translater + runner + viewer for ImageMagick scripts under Windows. It allows to execute the IM v6 Examples as-is (even though they were written for Unix) and offers an interesting option to extend scripts for taking dynamic pictures as input.


This is a command-line utility to operate time-shifts in SRT subtitles:
SrtShift.exe -00:00:02,500 [before|after 00:12:30,000]


website builder based on scripts, making use of advanced HTML5, JavaScript and Ajax effects. Dedicated to people who don’t know a single word of HTML.


Automatically download new episodes of your favorite TV Shows! This program presents all shows and episodes from into a list. A simple check allows you to follow a show, configure it, and check for new episodes at future launch of the program in just 1 clic. The new torrents are downloaded locally and passed to your favorite torrent program.


New: v0.2 now support Disk and CD-Rom versions of LOL. The ultimate Lands of Lore 1 trainer: add/remove any character to the party, rename them, change their HP and MP or even make them all invincible or with infinite magic. Alter their fighter/rogue/mage skills, their status (stunned, poisoned, etc.), change their equipments or money. Add/remove any of the compass, lantern, atlas or magic scroll. Edit any of the 7 spells from the scroll and choose among the 9 in the game. Browse among the 282 items available. Choose any of the 29 maps as your new location.


A tool dedicated to webmasters, it can also be used for an e-book reader engine. It takes all the internal CSS (defined in the header) and the inline CSS (defined in the style attributes of the HTML tags) and extracts them to an external CSS file, while making all the correct references in the webpage. Also proposes a "cleaning" option to get rid of the unused CSS styles in your page.


Command-line calculator supporting * / + - ^ (power) and %. Also handles opening and closing brackets ( ) supports equally US/UK decimal delimeter . and European delimiter , mathematic products by blocks (a+b)(c+d)...(y+z) and converts to/from binary, hexadecimal and octal.
Pressing the Enter key puts the result in history.


MASCH (for Move All Subfolders Content Here) allows you to very simply and quickly move a huge list of files in many subfolders at the root folder of your choice.


Very simple yet functional digital chronometer with a highly configurable appearance (based on nimoclock). A simple click on the label (nimochrono 's bottom line) starts or pauses the chronometer. A double-click on the time resets the chronometer.


Wedrima (for Web Drive Image)  generate interactive HTML/JavaScript treeview "Windows-Explorer-like" images of your drives (usb keys, dvd-roms...) or folders. Icons (gif images) are entirely configurable: you can add, remove, change any gif and associate it with filename patterns/extensions. You can also choose to display or hide hidden and system files.

HTML Shield

User-friendly utility offering a first level of protection for your local or online webpages (can easily replace a .htaccess, more secure but harder to implement). Test an encrypted webpage here (password = "bank" without double quotes).

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