1. Gamebooks
  2. Indiana Jones
  3. Guitar Hero
  4. Shadowgate
  5. Zaxxon
  6. Street Fighter
  7. Grand Prix
  8. Tower Toppler
  9. Sokoban
  10. Death Sword
  11. Snake
  12. Gargoyle Quest

My TOP12 game-adaptations (wishlist) on the Arduboy

Use Arduboy's direction pad to navigate, and any of the 2 action buttons to see a game (or later on to go back to this page).

NB:in the next game pages, the Arduboy screen and screenshots (when present) are real 128x64 1bpp bitmaps, they will render exactly as is on actual Arduboys, while the Gameplay gifs are only indicative: they have more colors and need to be adapted...